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Manuka Honey – Purifying Toner 4.73 fl oz (140ml)

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Product Description

An alcohol free toner enriched with beneficial properties of Manuka Honey, Aloe Vera, Billberry, Witch Hazel extract. This purifying toner thoroughly removes traces of oil, makeup and dirt to maximize the benefits of your moisturizer on the skin, refines the pores and rejuvenates the skin cells.
Key Ingredients: Certified Manuka Honey 80+, Aloe Vera, Billberry Extract, Witch Hazel Extract, Lemon Peel Oil

Complementary Products: Refreshing Facial Wash, Gentle Facial Cleanser, Replenishing Day Cream

Manuka Honey is collected from flower of Manuka tree, native to New Zealand. Manuka Honey skincare products contain Certified New Zealand Manuka Honey 80+ (purity of the honey based on pollen count).
Manuka honey makes a remarkable skincare ingredient, owing to its properties as a natural moisturizer, antiaging & antibacterial agent. The range is:
• Paraben & Mineral Oil free
• Not tested on animals
• Natural and uses sustainably harvested ingredients

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Product Code: 338193 Category: Tag: